What is KBioN

KBioN it’s a protein supplement, made of Italian whey protein, intended to be used as treatment in order to weight loss, by activating a process called “ketogenesis”. It is a slimming method conceived by scientific laboratories OTI who, according to scientific and tested principles, has focused on improving the Ketogenic Enteric Nutrition method, without using the nose-stomach tube.


  • Natural
  • Effective
  • Practical portions
  • Two ways of treatment
  • Customer service
  • Maintenance diet after treatment

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What’s ketogenesis and why it’s a slimming method

Introducing of only protein generates a ketosis status and this induce the organism to burn only fat, that could guarantees from 5% to 12% loss of weight. A feeding almost exclusively protein keeps this process going.

In fact, normally, our bodies run on energy from glucose, which we get from carbohydrates contained in food. We can’t store large amounts of glucose, however. We only have about a 24-hour supply.

When a person has no carbohydrates for 24 hours, he or she uses up all the stored glucose. With no more glucose to provide energy, our body begins to burn stored fat.

Please note that, contrary to popular rhetoric, a feeding almost exclusively protein is not a high protein diet.

How to use KBioN and how does it work

KBioN protein diet is based on the activation ok ketogenesis: when you reduce the amount of carbohydrate and increase the protein in your diet, it has the effect of switching your body into fat burning mode. KBioN protein diet has been formulated in two different ways:

  • 10 days’ treatment of only KBioN and a minimum of vegetables, clearly indicated in the protocol of use
  • 10 days’ treatment of KBioN and daily protein meal, with food cooked as indicated into the protocol of use

The first version is clearly more difficult but could guarantees from 10% to 12% loss of weight; the second version is less “invasive” but can guarantees from 5% to 7% loss of weight.

Usually we recommend our clients to start with a treatment of 10 days of only KBioN and then, after a period of rebalancing of ketone bodies, following our diet “Phase II”, to make a second treatment KBioN + cooked, in order to goes on losing weight, in an easier way.

Of course, nothing prevent from the possibility to start immediately with the treatment KBioN + cooked and repeat it until reaching our goals. The weight loss will be slower but steady, with less sacrifices.

How to use KBioN and what are its effects

Even if KBioN is a totally natural product (not a medicine, not a chemical product) it has some contra-indications. In fact protein diets cannot be followed in presence of certain pathologies that you will find listed below. KBioN consists in taking an absolute normal quantity of proteins and this means that everyone could take it, except people that cannot take a normal quantity of proteins: i.e. people with serious renal failure and/or people who must limit proteins in their feeding and use pasta and bread without proteins. KBioN is also contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Anyway, please consult with your doctor or other qualified health care professional, if you have any doubts about your state of health. We usually recommend our customers to ask their physician: “Because of my state of health, may I follow a 10 days’ protein diet?”.

What makes KBioN different than other similar products on the market

  1. It is easy to carry around: the practical portions enter in any pocket or handbag, without causing any problems.
  2. It’s easier to follow because you can always eat something and who followed other slimming methods knows how difficult it is not to chew anything for 10 days.
  3. It’s a method with four different phases, after the 10 days’ treatment, in order to avoid the “yo-yo effect” and to start the person on the fundamental way of dietary re-education.

Notice: Keep in mind that it’s not possible to guarantee the same results to all. Weight loss depends on the different individual response to ketogenesis.